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"Hey thanks for teaching Nicole not just the right way to merge onto the highway, but what to do when things get tricky. Yeah, I would have never thought to teach her that technique, but now I know what you meant when you said driving program vs. defensive driving program...

and by making her a right-of-way expert, her decision-making and confidence are so much better. You guys were great!!  I'll be sure to tell everyone about DDA."

~ Donna M - Villanova

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After-License & Post Accident Instruction

If you're already licensed but decided you want that insurance discount after all, want to improve, or need a refresher after a fender bender or two, you're not alone. DDA is here to help!  Our calm, patient, professional DDA Coaches are men and women trained to take you comfortably through our step by step process, diagnose your driving weaknesses and provide very specific anticipation-based defensive driving tips and techniques that will plug up these vulnerabilities once and for all. We always go the extra mile to customize lessons based on each individual student's needs, and DDA's Google rating and reviews are the best in PA. Contact DDA so we can help you Learn to Anticipate!

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Fender-Bender© 2Hr Behind-the-Wheel Lesson and Assessment......................$180 $149
Have you had a fender bender or near miss and need a little more attention to get that confidence back on track? You're not the only one. There are 16,000 collisions every day in the US and DDA is here to help. First, our experienced Instructors will help you understand exactly what caused the incident. Next, your DDA Coach is trained to help identify your specific weaknesses, and provide defensive driving tips, techniques and customized instruction that will help you avoid future collisions. This 2 hour lesson and assessment is only taught by Senior DDA Instructors, so please schedule this Fender-Bender lesson at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time if possible.

 A very popular choice for 17-24 year old drivers, so Register before this AUTUMN SALE ends on  12/6/2020  and it's too late!


Drive & Breathe© 2Hr Behind-the-Wheel Lesson and Assessment....................$180 $149
Think you may suffer from driving anxiety or phobia? Who doesn't have a friend or relative that has been licensed for years but won't drive, or refuses to drive in certain conditions like rain or darkness? Others won't drive on bridges or through tunnels, and still others won't drive next to tractor trailers or large trucks. There are thousands of drivers like this and DDA is here to help. This two hour assessment and lesson is only taught by Senior DDA Instructors who will help you conquer your fears and drive with confidence, so please schedule this Drive & Breathe lesson at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time if possible.

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AUTUMN SALE ends on  12/6/2020  and it's too late!

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After-License6© 6 Hour Behind-the-Wheel Program....................................$500 $399
Need a 6 hour defensive driving certificate for your employer, a court hearing or to get an insurance discount? No problem. DDA is here to help. You can complete this 6 hour program in 3 two hour sessions or 2 three hour sessions, and DDA will customize times to fit your busy schedule. Best of all, your DDA Coach will help you identify existing weaknesses and provide specific DDA tips, techniques and customized instruction to fill in the gaps. For example - What do I do one day when the merge lane runs out and things get tricky? Don't wait til that day! Call DDA right away. (6 hour minimum required for Certificate and Insurance discount)

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After-License2© 2 Hour Behind-the-Wheel Lesson and Assessment............. $160 $140
Do you feel some skills like highway merging, lane changing, or pulling in between cars in a parking lot just need more attention? You're not the only one and DDA is here to help! Our simplified tips and experienced DDA Coaches are the best in the business. Just click the Reviews button above to read a few DDA success stories, then register to get started. Prehaps you're just interested in learning new defensive driving tips and techniques, or want to identify other potential weaknesses that could compromise your decision-making and overall performance. This 2 hour lesson can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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AUTUMN SALE ends on  12/6/2020  and it's too late!

   Our friends at CHOP offer free evidence-based educational tools for teens, parents,
     educators, advocates, and policymakers for use in enhancing teen driver safety.
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 Cancellations:  Same-day are subject to a $40 fee. No-shows are subject to the
                                full cost of the lesson and will only be rescheduled with Director approval.

Unfinished or Un-used After-License Programs, lessons or hours above are non-refundable,, and may not be combined with other DDA Programs,  Sales, promotions or offers.

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