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  DDA knows which Companies have the Lowest Teen Insurance Rates

Is Teen Driving taken Seriously in PA?


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Our friends at CHOP offer free evidence-based educational tools for teens, parents,
       educators, advocates, and policymakers for use in enhancing teen driver safety.

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The Defensive Driving Academy Inc. is a green company. We email certificates to save paper, envelopes, ink, trees, glue, stamps, etc. Please remember to download and store certificates on your PC in a place you can easily recall if you switch insurance companies later. This will avoid a re-send fee to cover administrative costs if you need DDA to send another certificate later on.

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Distracted Driving Kills a Grandfather To Be
In this emotional 3 minute video for the first time, together, is the tragedy of two women: a 17-year-old honors student who killed a man when she took her eyes off the road, and the daughter of the man who was killed.

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