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What are People saying about DDA?
"Hey thanks for teaching Nicole not just the right way to merge onto the highway, but what to do when things get tricky. Yeah, I would have never thought to teach her that technique, but now I know what you meant when you said driving program vs. defensive driving program...

and by making her a right-of-way expert, her decision-making and confidence are so much better. You guys were great!!  I'll be sure to tell everyone about DDA."

~ Donna M - Villanova

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Become A DDA Instructor - Excellence Requires a Coach

DDA is hiring detail-oriented part-time and full-time instructors to begin training immediately. Teaching or coaching experience of any kind is helpful, but only a great personality is required. 
Requirements: For all positions you must be at least 25 years of age; possess a valid PA driver license; cell phone with texting; have internet access; be able to deal with different personalities; be punctual; be comfortable driving in all conditions; remain committed to the days and times agreed to upon hiring; pass background checks; pass drug testing; clean DMV report; and pass the DMV test again.

We Offer:
Paid training, competitive pay, some schedule flexibility and opportunities for advancement.
-Instructor schedules are usually the same days week to week. Driving Instructors teach lessons that are
 usually 2 hours each and classroom instructors teach weekly 1.5 hour, 3 hour and/or monthly 6 hour classes.
-Driving lesson times sometimes begin as early as 7am and end as late as 9pm M-Thurs (not as late Fri-
 Sun eves.) Our company operates 7 days a week.
-Some driving instructors work 5 days per week - 4 weekdays and 1 weekend day. Others might work Monday
 and Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings only, etc.
-Classroom Instructors usually teach a 3 hour class one evening and/or one weekend day per week, or a 6
 hour class one Saturday per month.

Behind-the-wheel Instructor -  This position is open and requires a "team player" mindset, great personality and the ability to communicate, correct and connect. Driving instructors must be patient, enjoy working hard to help others, be detail oriented and have the ability to remain firm with students and parents who sometimes forget the rules/guidelines which exist in order to keep our private driver training school running smoothly and efficiently. Instructors must be able to work a minimum of 10-12 hours per week on a consistent basis, but some instructors prefer to work as many as 20-30 hours per week, and weekend availability is a plus.

Classroom Instructor - This position is open and requires some experience either teaching, coaching or training others. Classroom instructors must also have above average communication skills, highly effective organizational skills, and the ability to follow DDA's customized curriculum. Help with passing out fliers and networking to increase teen enrollment is a plus.

Corporate/Fleet DDC Certificate Instructors - This position is open and requires some corporate/fleet/bus/truck driving or teaching experience, highly effective organizational skills, above average communication skills and  the ability to quickly generate customized proposals for interested clients. Occasional travel to various corporate/fleet business locations throughout the U.S. to teach DDC certificate seminars is also required.

To be considered, please email the following:
1) Resume
2) Why you feel you would make an excellent Driving Instructor, Classroom or Fleet Instructor
3) Salary requirements
4) Availability from 730am to 9pm in a typical week. Classify times for all 7 days as follows: 
    Available=A; Sometimes=S; Rarely=R

Example: Saturday morning - A; 12p-330p - A; after 330p - S
                  Sunday morning - R; 12p - 330p - A; after 330p - S
                  Monday - 730a - 330p - A; 330p - 6p - S; after 6p - R;
                  Tuesday - etc.

If you would like to interview with the Defensive Driving Academy, please submit your resume via email :


Compensation is very competitive and varies based on experience.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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