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DDA Weather Alert

Today, Wednesday, March 7th, there is a severe snow storm which has affected our area. All driving lessons have been cancelled and will be rescheduled due to weather, THERE WILL BE NO CANCELLATION  FEES. All driving lessons and tests will be rescheduled in the exact same order that they have already been scheduled, so there is no need to call us to be first to reschedule. PLEASE REMAIN PATIENT. DDA's awesome team will be calling you soon to cancel and reschedule your driving lessons. Leaving voicemails or calling our URGENT LINE now will just slow down the process and create more confusion for our staff. Again, all driving lessons have been cancelled due to weather today and there will be no cancellation fees, but our standard cancellation policy and fees for lessons cancelled tomorrow, Thursday, March 8th, will remain in effect. Until then, eat your bread and and drink your milk, sit back, relax and wait for us to contact you to reschedule.

  Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
  ~Your friends at DDA Inc.

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At DDA we always evaluate the most current data, temperature and forecast info, then DDA Representatives will contact you by phone if appointments need to be cancelled and rescheduled. Students who are scheduled to learn how to parallel park at the test center because their test is this coming week will be the priority when rescheduling.

If you are scheduled for your license test at DDA and it snows, we will contact you to reschedule. If you are scheduled for a license test at a local DMV, PennDOT is supposed to call or send emails (if you provided an email address on the PennDOT website) if tests are cancelled. Keep in mind, when you scheduled your DMV test, a phone number or email address was required to complete the transaction, so you will be notified at that phone number by PennDOT if tests are cancelled due to weather.

Be Safe and Warm,
~Your friends at DDA Inc.

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