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Is Teen Driving taken Seriously in PA?


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"Jerry, Hey thanks for teaching Nicole not just the right way to merge onto the highway, but what to do when things get tricky. Yeah, I would have never thought to teach her that technique, but now I know what you meant when you said driving program vs. defensive driving program...

and by making her a
right-of-way expert, her decision-making and confidence are so much better.   You guys were great!!  I'll be sure to tell everyone about DDA"
~Donna M - Villanova



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At DDA, we will not play phone tag. If you are done lesson #1 and ready to schedule your next lesson, our scheduling team is quick, courteous and ready to help with cancellations, rescheduling, and any additional license test or PennDOT questions that you may have as your test day draws near. Again, please do not use the DDA Next Lesson Request below to schedule your first driving lesson. Lesson #1 should have already been scheduled over the phone. All subsequent lessons must be scheduled via email using the DDA Next Lesson Request form below.

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Once your request is submitted, please remain patient. An online scheduling representative must first  research your lesson history and your DDA Coach's availability, then email available dates and times back to you - so please check your emails often. Our award winning web based scheduling team successfully coordinates and confirms hundreds of DDA driving lessons every week through email a lot quicker than waiting on hold for phone Reps and slow software ever can, so please do not call the office or leave a voice message to schedule next lessons. DDA phone reps are able to answer questions about programs and pricing, but are not always available to quickly research your lesson history and your Coach's schedule over the phone. To further simplify your scheduling experience, refer to our VIGs for important scheduling guidelines.

Please DO NOT submit while using smart phone or tablet and check your SPAM and BULK mail folders often.

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**ONLINE PAYMENTS Must print or save a copy of the receipt at checkout to show your DDA Coach before each lesson can begin. Tip: Keep with PA Permit
Any Scheduling, Learning, Driving or Medical Comments Concerns or Questions can be typed here:
DDA Terms/Requirements
I have read and understand DDA's Cancellation Policy/Terms
DDA CANCELLATION POLICY/TERMS : Behind-the-Wheel Driving lessons are not ongoing (like work, school, sports practice or band), but rather, a very limited educational commitment that should be prioritized above these other re-occurring activities. When a student cancels an appointment with short notice, DDA Coaches must still be paid, so please provide us with as much notice as possible. Same-day cancellations are subject to a $40 fee. No-shows are subject to the full cost of the lesson and will only be rescheduled with approval from the program Director. To cancel an appointment with less than 24 hrs notice or if it's after 12pm on a Friday (for weekend cancellations) DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL! Please call 610 353-2047 option 2 and leave a message. Sending an email in this situation might not be received in time, therefore, the aforementioned cancellation fees will be assessed. Additionally, repeat cancellations, inappropriate or offensive behavior, voicemails or emails by parents or students will not be tolerated, and DDA Inc. reserves the right to dismiss students at anytime if necessary.


1. Please DO NOT submit while using a smart phone or tablet

2. Check SPAM/BULK folders if no email reply after 24 hours
3. Mark thedefensivedrivingacademy.com as trusted or safe in
    your email settings and use the same email to schedule lessons

4. After 24-48 hours with no response - Call us at 610-353-2047

  DDA SCHEDULES AND CONFIRMS LESSONS IN THE ORDER THAT CHOICES ARE EMAILED BACK TO US   Your DDA Coach's available dates and times are on their way back to you, but won't last long! If you fail to respond with your 1st and 2nd choices within 24 hours after receiving available dates and times, then your choices could be filled already by another DDA student that replied sooner. This doesn't happen often, but if it does, DON'T PANIC, we will promptly send you more dates and times - the key is to check your emails often and reply back with your choices ASAP.
  DMV LICENSE TEST CTR ALERT:   Local PennDOT DMVs are booked 4-6 months out, but DDA will do your license test right away!
  DDA's GOLDEN RULE:    If you are testing on your own then the minute you schedule your DMV test date and time, contact us so we can coordinate your parallel parking lesson before we get booked up. If you forget, and wait until a week or two before the DMV test to schedule this important test prep lesson and we're booked up you'll have to wait 4-5 months to get another DMV test scheduled.

Distracted Driving Kills a Grandfather To Be
In the same 3 minute video, for the first time together, is the tragedy of two women: a 17-year-old honors student who killed a man when she took her eyes off the road, and the daughter of the man who was killed.

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Learn how to communicate safety concerns to teenagers in a way that will make
them more likely to
accept potentially life saving rules and boundaries.