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Defensive Driving Academy, Inc.


DDA is certified by PennDOT to perform license testing at our office in Newtown Square, and at the Auto Lenders dealership in Exton. License testing is by appointment only. Register today and get your license right away at DDA!!!

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Defensive Driving Academy, Inc.


Need a Teen Insurance Discount? Want to find out how the discount can pay for driving lessons? Sign up today and let Defensive Driving Academy teach your student techniques for city driving, highway merging, parallel parking, pulling in and out of shopping center parking spots, and much more!

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The Defensive Driving Academy is committed to helping new drivers, as well as those already licensed, to improve their driving skill set. At DDA, we refer to ourselves as Coaches not Instructors. Why? Because Instructors typically present material to be learned, guide through the process, and perhaps answer questions. Coaches, on the other hand, carefully evaluate an individual's strengths and weaknesses, then methodically teach to improve the most blaring deficits and missing fundamentals first. While other schools may teach the same techniques to every student, DDA Coaches are highly trained, detail oriented professionals who prioritize what they teach and make sure the most important missing skills are always addressed first.


Our team is passionate about safe driving! Of course we are excited about teaching students tried-and-true, standard driver's ed methods, but we are even more excited about teaching our proprietary anticipation-based techniques and concepts. DDA Coaches are really good at training young drivers today so they retain forever, addressing distracted driving, new driving laws, and 21st century traffic. More importantly, our Coaches are exceptional at customizing their teaching style to the learning speed of each individual student. The Defensive Driving Academy will absolutely improve one's driving skill set, build confidence, and generate immediate results for our students and their families. From all of us at DDA, we thank you in advance for your cooperation, trust, and patience. Anyone can learn to drive, but only DDA Students will "LEARN TO ANTICIPATE"

Defensive Driving Academy, Inc.


Career Opportunities at DDA

DDA currently has a limited number of teaching positions available. Ideal candidates are those who enjoy helping people, especially young people, and believe they have what it takes to become that next great DDA Coach. Of course, teaching, instructing, or coaching experience of any kind is helpful, but only a great personality and strong desire to mentor young drivers is required. We offer flexible hours, so you can tell us what days and times are best for your schedule, or you can earn a higher rate by allowing us to create your schedule.

Our starting rates are always competitive, and DDA is the only company that offers time-and-a-half and double-time to its part-time employees. We also offer an unprecedented part-time 401k with 3% match and profit sharing for employees who regularly work 20 or more hours per week. Who knows, you may even qualify for a sign on bonus! If you would like to join our amazing team, check out our opportunity on INDEED to see if you have what it takes to make a difference. Experience how rewarding it can be to create your own schedule and maintain balance in your life!!!

OUR PRIORITY IS SAFETY Students, Employees, and Families

At Defensive Driving Academy, we follow CDC guidelines to ensure our employees, students, and cars are safe. Our Employee health is closely monitored, and DDA is always ready to adjust quickly because safety is our #1 priority.

Our instructors use hand sanitizer before and after every lesson and license test, and every student is given the opportunity to use hand sanitizer before and after as well. DDA cars are equipped with more expensive HEPA cabin air filters, which eliminate mold, bacteria, and viruses.


Defensive Driving Academy, Inc. is proud to be certified by PennDOT to administer Non-Commercial License Testing. We are no longer limited to testing driving school students but can now test almost anyone who needs a license at our facility in Newtown Square or Auto Lenders in Exton.

We are ready to help you succeed and get your PA License Test scheduled in as little as three days. Why wait in line at the DMV when you can Call DDA Today and Test Right Away!!!!

Adults, teens, and parents trust DDA, and our corporate/fleet clients throughout the U.S. demand the same defensive driving "concepts-with-coaching" to systematically mitigate liability and reduce crash rates.

Even brand new drivers find our cutting edge anticipation-based methods and techniques easy to remember and repeat. Our defensive driving certificate programs are taught by talented men and women who effectively communicate, connect, correct, and are passionate about teaching our proprietary anticipation-based methods.


At the Defensive Driving Academy, Inc. we aim to continually bridge the gaps between teaching, coaching, and retraining drivers of every skill level through the following principle:

Defensive driving instruction is not only about teaching vehicle control-ability but is undoubtedly about highly trained motivational DDA Coaches successfully communicating simple "expect the unexpected" or "surprises are coming" concepts and techniques that will reduce crash risk via one-on-one weakness recognition and "excellence requires a coach" fashioned driving behavior modification.

G V Murphy
DDA Founder