Teen Driving Lessons & License Testing

TotalGold© Behind-the-Wheel Program $850 $799 4 two hour lessons

The TotalGold, our most popular program, includes an additional 2 hour lesson because some students simply require more instruction. Other students, however, may use the extra time to learn more advanced skills such as snow and ice downshifting techniques or how to navigate treacherous shopping center parking lots and spaces. Just remember to tell your DDA Coach how you want to use your extra time. Finally, on the last two-hour lesson, your DDA Coach will prep you and make sure you practice parallel parking right before you test in our smaller DDA car. Either way, this option is ideal for those who want lesson flexibility, a certificate of completion for the teen insurance discount, and the convenience of testing at our facility instead of going online to schedule a test at the DMV.

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TestElite© Behind-the-Wheel Program $695 $649 3 two hour lessons

This TestElite program is our CertSilver program (below), plus in the last two hours, we will prep and test the student at our facility in Newtown Square or Auto Lenders in Exton. DDA is certified by PennDOT to perform Third Party Non-Commercial License Testing, so it's nice to have your DDA Coach on test day to calm things down and use our smaller car to warm up, practice parallel parking, then immediately test. This program is ideal for students who have a valid PA permit and would like to test with us at the end of their driving lessons instead of going online to schedule a test at the DMV.

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CertSilver© Behind-the-Wheel Program $625 $599 3 two hour lessons

Although this option does not include license testing at DDA, it does include the minimum 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction required for the teen insurance discount certificate of completion.

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Our CertSilver program includes a full evaluation of fundamental skills, new DDA tips, and techniques, full prep for license test including parallel parking, as well as highway merging, not just the right way, but, as a defensive driving program, what to do one day when the merge lane runs out and things get tricky! For driving lessons that include license testing at our facility on the day of your test, please check out our TestElite, TotalGold, and Teen TenPack programs.

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Teen TenPack© Behind-the-Wheel Program $2000 $1899 10 two hour lessons

For busy families who want the most instruction at the lowest hourly rate, DDA has your back. Teens are required to practice for a total of 65 hours prior to scheduling their license test in PA - including 10 hours of night driving, and 5 hours in rain and adverse weather. For many families, trying to get all 65 hours logged within the six month permit period can be stressful and cause the license test to be delayed. This 10 lesson/20 hour program is completely customized to your young driver's learning speed and skill set, and includes complex driving scenarios that are not always included in our 3 and 4 lesson programs above. When it's time to test, sit back, relax and let DDA schedule and prep your teen because we're certified by PennDOT to administer the license test at our Exton Auto Lenders or Newtown Square facilities.

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Teen TestPrep 2 Hours includes License Test, Prep, Car & Coach $250 $225

For those who need test-related instruction and parallel parking practice, but do not need additional driving lessons, this Testprep lesson includes a full assessment and customized lesson focused solely on preparing you for your PA license test. We know the test better than anyone because we're certified by PennDOT to administer the license test at our Exton Auto Lenders or Newtown Square test facilities. It's nice to use our smaller car and have a DDA Coach to warm up, practice parallel parking, and calm things down right before your test. Local DMVs sometimes experience delays, but DDA can schedule our car, coach, and your test in just a few days so you can pass and get that PA license ASAP. Transportation to and from our test facility is required.

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Cancellations: Same day are subject to a $40 fee. No shows are subject to the lesson's full cost and will only be rescheduled with Director approval.

Refunds: Unfinished or unused driving lessons, programs or hours are non-refundable and may not be combined with other DDA programs, sales, promotions, or offers, but may be transferred (in most cases) to siblings living in the same household. DDA customer service always goes over and above to accommodate our loyal students and families, which is why DDA has more positive reviews than any other driving school in Southeastern Pennsylvania. DDA Reviews

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Take a Free Practice PA Permit Test If you haven't been to the DMV to get your learner's permit, or you've been there a few times and had difficulty passing the computer knowledge test--it's okay. DDA is here to help!!! Just click on the PA Driver's Manual (to the left), and you can take a 25 question practice permit test, which is very similar to the PA test. If you feel you need more practice questions, just Google "free PA permit test," and you can keep trying practice questions until you're ready to pass the real thing--GOOD LUCK!!!!