1. If I'm 18 - 24 yrs old should I sign up for a DDA's Adult Program or Teen Program?  DDA's Adult Programs are designed for those who are 25 years of age or older who are very limited, or, not able to practice with anyone between lessons.  Nobody to practice with means DDA Coaches need to really customize each and every lesson to maximize one's safe driving potential as well as focus the instruction on passing the driver license test quickly and comfortably.  DDA Teen Programs, on the other hand, are geared for young drivers who have the opportunity to practice very often or almost every day with parents between lessons. If you are aged 25 years or older and register for any DDA Adult Program, including the Triple Play, you will not receive a certificate of completion. DDA Adult lessons do not meet PA Dept. of Education teen insurance certificate requirements.

2. How many lessons will I need?  As soon as you complete your first two hour lesson, your DDA Coach will provide a plan of attack to get the PA license. Keep in mind, the number of lessons depends on 3 factors: current skill/ability level, learning speed, and available personal practice time between lessons.

3. When is it best to start in-car lessons?  Great question! A new driver should spend several weeks getting to know the vehicle after obtaining a PA permit.This means learning all the vehicle controls, signals and switches, including at least 6-10 hours of driving in a large open parking lot during off peak, non-busy business hours. Ideally, family or friend practice sessions should last about 30-40 minutes, however, some people are more comfortable doing 20 minute practice sessions in the beginning, and that's fine. Gradually, a new driver will become more comfortable driving in and around traffic when the parking lot is more active, and practice sessions for some could increase to 45 or 60 minutes. A good time to start driving lessons with DDA is when a new driver is used to driving around other vehicles in a parking lot, cemetery or neighborhood, and is ready to head to the main road and navigate higher speed limits. Waiting too long or closer to the license test to start lessons could ultimately mean that it becomes more difficult to make constructive test-related and/or safety-related changes. Once driving lessons begin, practice sessions with family or friends usually become less stressful and new drivers are less likely to ingrain bad habits or drivehavior! Remaining driving lessons should then be spaced out until both the instructor and student agree it's time to schedule the license test. With approval from the Director this is sometimes allowed depending on the circumstances, situation and potential language barrier.

5. Are there any female coaches?  Yes.  DDA's female coaches are among the best in the business.

6. Do your coaches have any credentials?  All DDA Coaches are men and women licensed by the PA Department of Education who have undergone the following background checks: child abuse clearance, criminal record check, and driving record check.  Additionally, they have successfully completed a comprehensive DDA anticipation-based training program and certification by PennDOT to perform Third Party Non-Commercial License Testing at our facilities in Newtown Square or Exton.  You can always request to see the PA Dept. of Education license which DDA Coaches are required to carry at all times when instructing.

7. How does pick up/drop off work?  We come to you and can pick up and/or drop off at home, school, work, or other convenient location. Even if you live outside of DDA's service area, just call to set up a convenient halfway point to meet after Ubering or taking public transportation. Contact DDA

8. How long are the lessons?  Lessons are 2 hours. For students that do not have anyone to practice with, or have physical/medical issues, 1 hour lessons are occasionally recommended with approval from the DDA's Director.

9. Should students start working on parallel parking with a friend?  No!  The DDA formula for parallel parking has worked tremendously well for us and we always cover this on the last lesson about a week before the test because we want our method to remain fresh. We highly recommend to have a friend or family member available after the parallel parking/prep lesson to practice the DDA formula in the vehicle they will be using on test day. No parallel parking practice is permitted at any DMV during testing hours: Tues-Sat 830-4pm.

10. Are any other students in the car during a lesson?  No.  We are a private driver training school and provide one-on-one lessons.

11. Are your vehicles dual controlled?  Yes. There is a dual brake on the passenger side and only one steering wheel. DDA driving school cars are very visible, safe and licensed by and meet the requirements of the PA Dept. of Education.

12. Can you teach me in my car?  No.  This is against Dept of Education guidelines and there are liability concerns as well.

13. Can I take the test in your smaller car?  Yes. And DDA Test Programs also include parallel parking and road test warm-up sessions with a DDA Coach beforehand at our test facilities in Newtown Square or Exton.

14. Do you take students on the road at night or if it's raining?  Why not?  Eventually everyone drives in these conditions.  There are disadvantages and advantages to driving in these situations and DDA Coaches are trained to share these techniques with students.

15. Am I covered by our insurance or DDA insurance?  All of our driving school cars are commercially insured with higher than normal coverage amounts which meet and surpass the minimum coverage amounts required by the PA Dept. of Education.

16. I haven't been on the highway yet.  Should I try before my DDA highway lessons?  We recommend letting us give you the highway tips and techniques first in our dual-controlled car. After the lesson you can go back to the highway and merge after we work out the kinks.

17. What paperwork is necessary on test day? Remember, you are required by PennDOT to bring several documents to our office on test day, so please read through DDA's pre-test email and have all documents ready when you arrive.

18. What's the best way to practice?  We highly recommend the 15-20 minutes-a-day rule. With smaller practice sessions and a removable DDA STUDENT driver vinyl decal, everyone's patience level remains high and improvement becomes more rapid.

19. How does payment work?  We accept all major credit cards through our website. Checks should be given to the DDA Coach BEFORE LESSONS START as payment is due at the time services are rendered. Checks should be made out to "Defensive Driving Academy" Missed or forgotten payments can be made through our website or over the phone. ON TEST DAY CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED, but cash, credit or debit cards, and money orders are accepted.

20. Is there a limit to the number of Adult "Triple Play" programs I can purchase ? No. Our Adult "Triple Play" package is designed to help you save money when behind the wheel lessons are purchased in bulk. The only requirement is that payment for each "Triple Play" is made before lessons begin. Unfinished or un-used Adult programs, lesson or hours are not refundable.

21. What if don't finish my DDA program, lessons or package? Paid lessons never expire, but if you restart more than 1 year later, lessons could be subject to the difference in price if rates have increased. Unfinished or un-packaged DDA Adult lessons are not refundable.

22. Are there insurance discounts for Adults?  Yes.  However, you need to contact you insurance agent because most insurance companies in PA will not give a discount to adults who are not seniors.

23. What if my permit expires?  There is no permit re-testing required unless it has been 3 years since your physician signed the original permit application, just a $5 check to PennDot and form DL-31 which can be mailed or brought to the test center and a new permit can be printed while you wait (Tues-Sat, 8:30a-4pm). Click here to download other PennDOT forms

24. What is your cancellation policy?  We require advance notification if you are unable to keep an appointment.  Same-day cancellations are subject to a $40 fee. No-shows are subject to the full cost of the lesson. *Cancellation policy and terms" must be accepted before lessons start. Each returned check is subject to a $40 fee.

25. I'm ready to sign up, what's next?  DDA requires all new students to create an account, but more importantly, this will help us to continue to provide the best possible customer service and schedule your driving lessons quickly and easily online.

26. Does DDA ever travel outside it's service area?  We can sometimes arrange this if lessons are not scheduled during peak traffic times (M-Fri 3-7pm), depending on how far beyond our service area you reside. Another option, if you live outside of DDA's service area, is to set up a convenient halfway point to meet us after Ubering or taking public transportation. Contact DDA

Thanks in advance for taking time to read and follow our private driving school guidelines...
~We appreciate your business!

Defensive Driving Academy, Inc.

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Certificate of Appreciation presented to DDA Director Gerald Murphy. Since 2008, DDA Inc. continues it's consultancy with CHOP's Center for Injury Research and Prevention and the Young Driver Research Initiative - dedicated to reducing death and injury from young driver-related crashes through scientific research and development.

CHOP Researchers and DDA Director Jerry Murphy discuss recent findings related to "Why Teens Crash" with Eyewitness News Reporter Jenn Bernstein.

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